How to Maintain Your Certification

It’s very important to recertify every two years.  You don’t want to lose this valuable certification and have to retake the examination.  Maintaining your certification through continuing education will be a valuable asset to help you navigate the rapidly changing field of healthcare quality.  Each CPHQ recertification cycle lasts two years.  The recertifying cycle starts on January 1st of the year following the date that you received your initial certification.  The two-year cycle ends on December 31st of the second year.  Recertification opens in July of the second year.  

You need to earn 30 hours of continuing education (CE) during the two-year recertification cycle.  Continuing education has to relate to at least one area included in the most current examination content outline, and has to be earned during your recertification cycle dates.  Eight (8) of the continuing education hours must be NAHQ-approved as CPHQ® hours.

Continuing education must be relevant to the CPHQ® content.   Activities include attendance at workshops, conferences, or seminars; college coursework; reading articles in NAHQ’s Journal for Healthcare Quality and completing the continuing education quiz; and publication of books or articles relevant to the CPHQ® content outline.  AzAHQ provides continuing education for conferences and webinars throughout the year.

In addition, you are required to complete the NAHQ Professional Assessment at least once during the two-year recertification cycle.  It is accessible by NAHQ free of charge to all CPHQs, and you will earn 2 of your 30 required CEs for completing it.  The NAHQ Professional Assessment can be found at this link:

You will have a recertification account through NAHQ so you can log in to your account to input and track your CEs and recertify.  NAHQ offers information on the CPHQ® recertification process at a Recertification Info Session which can be found at this link:

More information, including the recertification handbook, can be found at:


Updated 3/29/2023