Membership Benefits

Why join AzAHQ?

To collaborate with others with the same passion and dedication toward healthcare quality.



Continuing Education                                                                                   

Apply for grants or scholarships to defray related costs.

Attend high-value, low-cost educational programs.

Earn continuing education credits.

Attend 1 fee-based event at no cost after attaining initial CPHQ® certification.

Earn college credit with reduce tuition costs at GCU



Interact with professionals from other healthcare specialties and settings.

Partner on current and future projects with other members.

Enhance professional visibiliy and career development by posting your resume.

Exchange information about professional opportunities.


Professional Development

Receive career progression guidance.

Identify new professional opportunities in healthcare or related fields through interaction with members.

Engage in AzAHQ leadership, followership, and service role opportunities.



Updated 3/10/2023