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CPHQ® Prep Group

For those who are more than just a little Quality Curious but haven’t yet gotten certified, the CPHQ® exam can seem extremely intimidating.  Join this group to contact others who are also seeking certification. As a member of this group you can contact group members directly to network and perhaps start a small study group. 

Already Certified

Would you like to support others in their career journey through mentorship?  We welcome your participation!  Being a mentor enhances your professional development and represents your commitment to the profession.  It looks good on your resume too!  Please feel free to sign up and specify your interest in mentoring others by emailing with the subject “CPHQ Mentorship.”

CPHQ Conversations

Do you have specific questions about taking the CPHQ® exam?  Do you think you’re ready to take the exam?  Do you have questions about specific quality issues or questions?  Do you want help in figuring out how to study for the exam?  Do you want to review the answers to NAHQ’s free practice exam?

For answers to your questions, complete this form and it will be sent directly to Nancy Claflin at

Taking the CPHQ® Exam

Currently you can take the CPHQ® exam at a testing center or online. Find more information about testing centers at:

Find more information about online testing at:


Updated 3/15/24