President's Message

Dear AzAHQ Members,

         Welcome to 2024 from AzAHQ!  As we begin the new year, we are continuing our quality journey to achieve our vision to be recognized by the Arizona healthcare community as a leader in advancing healthcare quality.  AzAHQ is actively living its mission to serve as a resource to advance healthcare quality within Arizona through leadership, education, and communication. AzAHQ’s quality journey values professional growth through education, leadership, customer service, teamwork, and integrity.

         AzAHQ will be offering resources to help you with your quality journey.  In 2019, AzAHQ became a leader in offering virtual education as we began collaborating with other state healthcare quality associations.  As a result of this collaboration, we developed a continuing education webinar reciprocity agreement.  As part of the agreement, all participating associations offer quarterly webinars that are free to active members of participating associations.  Our partnership continues in 2024 as we are sharing knowledge not only across the continuum of care in Arizona but across the country with our partners in the Florida Association for Healthcare Quality, the New England Association for Healthcare Quality, the North Carolina Association for Healthcare Quality, the Michigan Association for Healthcare Quality, the Ohio Association for Healthcare Quality, and the Oregon Association for Healthcare Quality.  AzAHQ is actively planning webinars and other educational opportunities to help you on your quality journey. 

         Your quality journey to maintain or achieve the CPHQ® starts with AzAHQ.  AzAHQ has a long tradition of supporting healthcare quality professionals who hold or aspire to hold the Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ®) credential.  In addition to the webinars, AzAHQ will provide additional educational programs in support of continuing education requirements for those quality professionals with the CPHQ®, and award grants to those quality professionals aspiring to certification.  Look for AzAHQ to offer programming to help you in your quality journey to join nearly 15,000 healthcare quality professionals and achieve the CPHQ® credential.  Check out the Certification tab on AzAHQ’s web page for additional resources.

         AzAHQ is continuing to operationalize the multi-year strategic plan that was developed last year, with improved financial forecasting and budgeting to help us continue to re-shape our priorities to develop programs and opportunities serving our members’ quality journeys.  AzAHQ’s quality journey includes expanding outreach to grow our membership to reach more healthcare quality professionals in the state.  We want every healthcare quality professional to be aware of the continuing education, professional development, and networking opportunities that we provide.  Plan to join us on this quality journey and bring a healthcare quality colleague!  Thank you for all you do to promote healthcare quality every day.

AzAHQ President 2024