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Assessing Value and ROI in Healthcare

Friday, September 10th, 2021    12:00 to 1:00pm    Az/Phoenix Time



Healthcare Quality programming has a widely acknowledged reputation for creating limited, myopic value estimates for improvement initiatives. Join us on September 10th as Craig Solid, author of Return on Investment for Healthcare Quality Improvement will help us improve our ability to lead through effective value estimation. Craig will explore factors that influence the value associated with healthcare quality improvement, explain ways to identify and articulate value for Quality Improvement initiatives based on stakeholder priorities, and discuss how to apply a valuation framework to create specific value estimates for a given improvement opportunity.



Approved for 1.0 hour CPHQ CE credit

      Craig Solid, MS PhD; Solid Research Group, LLC



  1. Understand what factors influence the value associated with healthcare quality improvement initiatives.

  2. Identify components of value from their own lived or observed experiences and demonstrate how this perspective supports an improved understanding of stakeholder interests/priorities.

  3. Apply a framework to determine how to assess the value of a particular healthcare quality improvement solution.



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