CPHQ Grant


To award financial assistance to AzAHQ members who have not yet obtained the Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ®) credential.

Amount of Grant

Registration for
        - ONE (1) CPHQ® review course
        - ONE (1) CPHQ® exam fee reimbursement if passed by the end of the second calendar year after grant award.  

        - ONE (1) free conference registration within 1 year of successful certification

Grant recipient(s) will be determined annually by the AzAHQ Board of Directors.

*** The recipient of this grant must complete the AzAHQ sponsored review course & exam by the end of the 2nd calendar year after receiving the grant.  For example: grant awarded 2020, complete certification by EOY 2022.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Open to all quality professionals who are individual AzAHQ members in good standing, excluding current AzAHQ Board of Directors.  Active membership is required through the entire grant period.
  2. The applicant must be currently working in the healthcare quality field.
  3. The applicant is not eligible if previously certified.
  4. Those applying for the Certification Grant are not eligible for the AzAHQ Memorial Scholarship fund.


Applications are accepted annually at AzAHQ’s Office and must be received by September 30. Applications must have all required documents in one PDF file and may be submitted via email to Holly Grems at manager@azahq.org.

Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered. The AzAHQ Board of Directors will review completed applications and score them based on the application criteria.


Grant recipients will be notified of selection, announced at the next General Membership Meeting, and recognized in next published AzAHQ Newsletter.


  1. All applications will be scored based upon the applicant’s compliance with eligibility criteria as well as the quality and comprehensiveness of responses.
  2. Resumes/CVs will not be accepted.

Required Documentation

The following must be submitted together in one scanned pdf file that includes at least your last name in the file name.

  1. One complete, typed copy of the grant application. Hand-written applications will not be considered.
  2. The application should also include a description of the primary responsibilities of your current job role and key work accomplishments within last 2 years. (250 word maximum)
  3. An essay that describes your reasons for seeking certification and the perceived benefits for your career advancement. (500 word maximum)
  4. Two letters of recommendation from a colleague or supervisor in support of the applicant’s pursuit of CPHQ.

Post Award Processes

I.  CPHQ® Review Course

CPHQ® Review Course registration process:

Grant winners may choose to

  1. Register & pay for an NAHQ online review course and request reimbursement for a maximum amount of $400.  Submit request for reimbursement after attendance.   OR
  2. Register & pay for an in-person course (local or out of state) and request reimbursement for a maximum amount of $499.  Travel expenses are not reimbursable. 

NOTE:  AzAHQ will not reimburse registration fees incurred due to failure to cancel if unable to attend/participate.  Grant winner is responsible for canceling registration in accordance with NAHQ policy. 

Please submit requests for reimbursement with a copy of the registration payment receipt and a copy of certificate of attendance to manager@azahq.org.  PDF copies are acceptable.

II.  Certification Exam

Upon successful certification, by the end of the second calendar year after grant award, submit a copy of certification confirmation and a copy of the paid exam registration receipt to manager@azahq.org.  Example: If awarded in Oct 2020, completion is due by 12/31/2022.

III.  Post certification

Submit an article within 90 days of certification. You can submit an authored article, a summary of a published article of interest with appropriate references/citations, or a previously published article of interest with appropriate release also provided.

Attend one AzAHQ-sponsored conference within one year of certification.  Register for a conference without processing payment.  Send an e-mail to manager@azahq.org indicating your registration is being done as a new certificant.  Your registration will be updated as paid.


For questions about this grant or the application process, contact Holly Grems, AzAHQ Manager, at manager@azahq.org or 623-680-9955


Updated 12-19-2023