President's Message

As you know, the Association for Healthcare Quality of Arizona (AzAHQ) has served healthcare quality management professionals for over 40 years with a goal of advancing healthcare quality.  Over the last couple of years, the healthcare community has faced several challenges in which we all have felt the pinch of it irrespective of role, job title, or position.  

Whether you work directly with patients or indirectly, you know first-hand about the impact of the staff shortages, contingency and crisis plans, staff burnout and fatigue, hospital saturations, quarantines, isolations, breakthrough Covid-19 infections, and the list goes on.  As quality professionals, we have continued to monitor quality outcomes through this turbulent time. Many of us have noticed the impact of the pandemic on the bottom line which is the patient, customer, and workforce experience.  We continue to voice both praises and concerns when it comes to our roles in improving healthcare.

If you haven’t realized by now, the work of the quality professional is more important than ever before.  Our daily work to improve outcomes and reduce costs remains invaluable.  Our workplace teams, partners, and customers are even more supportive to hear from us as we show commitment to the identification of emerging trends and solutions that will allow greater efficiencies and innovation.

Our role in quality is never done.  AzAHQ is fully committed to remaining the “top of mind” choice when it comes to increasing one’s competence and confidence in the areas of healthcare quality and patient safety.  As our industry rapidly evolves and moves at a pace that has been overwhelming to so many of us, our foundation as quality professionals remain steadfast.

This year, as we continue to support one another and push our way through a tumultuous time, I want you to remember that there is always “strength in numbers”.   AzAHQ welcomes your contributions, talent, and support as we continue to lead the way as subject-matter experts and industry professionals who advocate for zero-harm patient experiences.  We invite your participation in our forthcoming learning & networking events (whether virtual or in-person).  We are grateful for your willingness to keep the quality professionals’ bandwidth strong as we continue to excel professionally and passionately.   




Ursula Fletcher, MHA, RN, CPHQ
AzAHQ President 2022