President's Message - 2020

Prior to writing this, I looked back at all of the AzAHQ President’s Messages over the past ten years for inspiration. Change and transition have been the traditional topics, which is quite fitting. Change seems to be the sole constant in the world of healthcare quality, and as we enter into a new decade, our ability to adapt is no less critical than it has been in the past. This need for adaptation is just as relevant in our association as it is in a hospital, a health plan, or any of the wide range of settings reflected in our membership.


As we enter into this new year and decade, AzAHQ will explore new approaches to delivering value to our members across Arizona. Here are a few of the things we’re planning for 2020:


  • Webinars: AzAHQ will launch its first-ever webinar series for CPHQ credit.
  • Member Feedback: We will host virtual membership meetings with the express purpose of soliciting feedback.
  • Partnerships: We will partner with other associations both within Arizona and across the country to offer educational opportunities.
  • Professional Networking: We’ll explore the possibility of sponsoring opportunities for healthcare quality professionals to get together and talk shop over coffee, during happy hour, or some other informal setting.


Although I see this as the start of something new and exciting, in many ways we’re simply continuing along the journey that began over 35 years ago! And just like it was in the 70s, we need our membership to help guide us along the path towards value in the 20s. On behalf of AzAHQ’s 2020 Board of Directors, thank you for your continued support and involvement.


Andrew Kopolow

President 2020-2021