President's Message - 2019


Cycles of improvement is a familiar framework for healthcare quality professionals.  Learning from past and current efforts help guide organizations toward their desired outcomes and objectives.  Building on these experiences can help accelerate improvements which may mean the difference between success and failure in rapidly evolving environments such as healthcare.  From our individual achievements, and sometimes when we don’t entirely succeed, our greatest lessons are learned.  And while we work to grow our organizations, we may not always seek ways in which to share our knowledge for the greater good. The Association for Healthcare Quality of Arizona provides a safe environment to share our experiences in healthcare quality.  It is only through the dissemination of knowledge that we may realize its full power.  The combined efforts of all our dedicated members are growing a body of knowledge to advance healthcare quality in Arizona and beyond.  Innovation and change for improvement are supported now more than ever.  We congratulate all our members for your dedication and encourage professionals and students interested in healthcare quality to join us in our mission.


Burton Korer, MSN, RN-BC, CPHQ, CADDCT

President 2018-2019