Mission Overview

AzAHQ has served quality management professionals in Arizona for over 40 years. Our vision is to be recognized by the Arizona healthcare community as a leader in advancing healthcare quality. Our mission is to serve as a resource to advance healthcare quality within Arizona through leadership, education and communication. We value professional growth through education, leadership, customer service, teamwork, and integrity.

The Association for Healthcare Quality of Arizona, Inc


AzAHQ Summer 2020 Conference Goes Virtual & Free July 24, 2020

Exploring the Healthcare Quality Value Equation

Two speakers have agreed to present information related to cutting healthcare costs and demonstrating quality improvement project return on investment.  Registration is open.   Check back to the event page to see what new details are added as final arrangements are completed.


Apply Now for the AzAHQ 2020 CPHQ Certification Grant!

Each year, in keeping with AzAHQ's mission, the Board selects applicants to receive a grant designed to assist the healthcare professional attain initial CPHQ certification. Grant details, qualifications, application process details and the grant application are available hereApplication submission deadline is September 30, 2020.  We encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible so it can be reviewed for completeness prior to the submission deadline.