General Conference Information

In-Person, Live Conferences:  one registration per order please.

Spring/Fall:   Active Members:  $125          

                        Non-members/Inactive Members:  $160 ( $125 + $35 membership )

Summer:      Active Members - $65              

                       Non-members/Inactive Members - $100  ($65 + $35 membership )

CPHQ Review:  Proceed to the website CPHQ Review Course page for pricing and registration

ORGANIZATIONS:  If registering your staff, please do so within each member's profile.

LODGING:  Please use,, Yelp or other similar sites to find a hotel.  You can also use Google Hotels where you can enter the address of the conference and you will be shown nearby hotels.  

Thank you,  AzAHQ

Updated 5-29-2020

Where to find events

Please check the following locations for upcoming scheduled events:

1 - Event Calendar (menu Education > Event Calendar)

2 - Upcoming Events on the right side of this screen

3 - Home screen (scroll down)

CANCELLED: 2020 Spring Conference - Improving Quality Ratings Across the Care Continuum Apr 3, 2020

Fall Conference:  Improving Quality Ratings Across the Care Continuum

MARCH 18, 2020 UPDATE:

This conference has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation.  The plan is to move the agenda to the fall - 11/6.  Please watch the calendar for upcoming events.

WEBINARS:  AzAHQ is also working with OrAHQ to present topics in the virtual setting.  Watch your e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts for announcements.